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General sales conditions

These general conditions of sale are concluded between the person of Améthys, below referred to as “amethysshop.com” or the “seller”, and any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase via the amethysshop.com website. Orders placed on the website are exclusively reserved for individuals, apart from any commercial resale activity.



1. Acceptance of the GSC

The purchase of products offered on the online sales site is subject to the terms and conditions here explained which rule the relationship between the seller and customers wishing to place an order on the site amethysshop.com as well as anyone who would visit this site .
By placing an order on the website, the customer acknowledges having read and accepted, prior to the order, totally and unconditionally these terms and conditions of sale. These General Conditions of Sale and the stipulations of the order, when this order is accepted by the seller, constitute the only contractual commitments of the seller and the Customer. Only the derogations subject to a written agreement from us may modify the application of these terms and conditions.
The General Conditions of Sale apply throughout the duration of online offer of the products on the amethysshop.com website. They can be modified at any time.

2. Commercialized products

Product offers are valid as long as they are visible on the website. The essential characteristics of the products are described on the site and the photographs are as faithful as possible, but the uniqueness of each jewel, due to its hand-made quality, can not ensure an absolute similarity between the photo and the object.

3. Orders

a) Conditions for placing an order
Customers must be at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to place and honor any order or hold a parental authorization allowing them to place and honor any order and be able to justify at any time, upon request of the seller. For amethysshop.com any customer placing an order is supposed to fulfill the conditions above.

b) Placing an order
Orders are placed in accordance with the procedure provided on the online sales site.
For each product selected and ordered by the customer on the site, a summary page will automatically be displayed, including the photo of the article, its references, the chosen quantity and its price. The customer has to check the accuracy of his pre-order before confirming the order. Upon confirmation by the customer, the order will be sent to the seller for processing. No order will be taken into account if it is not immediately followed by the receipt of a valid means of payment.
The order is confirmed once the payment is received and validated by the bank.

c) Payment security system
The buyer makes his payment via Stripe or Paypal which offer different means of secure payment.

d) Receiving the package
Upon registration of the order and within a maximum of one working day from this registration amethysshop.com acknowledges good reception. A confirmation of order is then sent to the customer on the email address provided when ordering, and stands for acceptance of the customer’s order by amethysshop.com. The proof of the order results from the electronic forms previously completed by the customer as well as from the confirmation sent by amethysshop.com to the customer’s email address.

e) Custom order
When you want to order a made-to-measure jewel which will echo your desires, the order will have to be placed via email and / or face to face appointment.
A maximum of information will be requested, photos, drawings etc.
Once the model is confirmed, a quote will be sent, mentioning the total price of the order.
The order will be validated only with the payment of a deposit of 40% of the total price. Once finished, photos of the jewel will be sent to you. You will be asked to pay the rest of the total amount to proceed with the shipment that will be given to you under signature.

4. Exchange and waiver

You have three days to cancel your order without charge. The full amount will be refunded within 20 working days of the date of cancellation. If the cancellation is requested between the 4th and the 14th day following your agreement of the purchase order, you will be refunded 50% of the total amount of your order.
These deadlines exceeded, the order will unfortunately no longer be canceled.
A return package must be sent by post, preferably by registered package. The return of an order is at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer must return the product to amethysshop.com within the specified time at the following address:
Rue Léopold, 35
4000 Liège,
Any customer wishing to return his product will have to proceed with the shipment in a period of 14 working days.
Products shipped in return are accepted only if they are in their original, perfect condition, namely in their packaging, with accessories, and warranty.
Amethys gives itself the right to refuse the refund of a product if it is not returned in an impeccable state.
Améthys agrees to refund the amount paid by the customer within 20 working days.

5. Price, payment and billing

The prices displayed on the site include VAT, excluding shipping costs.
This price includes: the price of the raw materials for the jewel, the packaging, the design of the model, the labor, the gilding of the jewel.
Any customs and import taxes are the responsibility of buyers.
The seller is not responsible for delays caused by customs.
Amethysshop.com reserves the right to change prices at any time, but agrees to apply the rates listed on the site at the time you place an order. For orders placed online, payment can be made via Paypal or Stripe (which accept different payment methods: credit cards, credit cards, …).

6. Deliveries and returns

The delivery of the products ordered on the website is made at the Customer’s choice at the address indicated by him when ordering and is secured by Bpost in registered package.
As soon as the deliverables have been delivered to the specified delivery address, the risk is transferred to the customer. The jewelry being handmade as and when orders arrive, the shipping time can vary from 2 to 8 business days from receipt of payment excluding the delivery times.
Any reasonable delay in the delivery of the products can not give rise to the benefit of the purchaser to the award of damages or the cancellation of the order.
If an order is not delivered within the specified time, an investigation is opened at the carrier, this procedure can take several days. During this period, it is not possible to make a refund or replacement shipment.
It is important that you check, when receiving your products, that they are well in accordance with your order and, if this should not be the case, that you inform amethysshop.com within the 3 following working days.

7. Legal guarantees

Like all products sold in accordance with Belgian law, all Améthys jewelery has a two-year legal warranty.
Usual or normal wear and tear, voluntary or unintentional changes made by the customer to the product, failure to provide the original invoice or proof of payment, as well as other misconduct, constitute exceptions to guarantee scheme.
The warranty does not cover lost parts.
Exceeded this period of 24 months, the after-sales service will repair your jewel, the costs of this repair will be charged to the customer. This repair will be subject to a quote to be made in each case.
This must be approved by the customer before starting the repair. A deposit of 40% of the amount will be requested at the validation of the estimate. The remaining amount will be payable before proceeding to the shipment to your home.

8. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights and all derived rights remain the property of amethysshop.com. Intellectual property rights include copyrights, trademark law, design rights and / or other intellectual property rights, including know-how, methods and technical and / or commercial concepts that may or may not be patented.

9. Processing of personal data

The information you have given is needed for processing and sending orders. If this information is missing, the order will immediately be canceled. The transmission of incorrect or falsified personal data will be considered as a violation of the General Conditions of Sale. The customer’s personal data will only be processed in accordance with the privacy policy.
As a customer, you are included in our contact database. We value your data and respect your privacy and we are committed to inform you in a transparent way about the use of these.
We want to be able to continue to communicate with you in a timely manner by mail and e-mail. We give you the opportunity to control the use of your data. If you no longer wish to receive communication from this site, please let us know by writing a simple email to amethyscontact@gmail.com. It is also essential that you know that your personal data will never be shared with third parties.

10. Responsibilities

The seller’s liability can not be implemented if the non-performance or delay in the performance of one of its obligations described in these general conditions of sale arises from a case of force majeure.
Also, the seller’s liability can not be implemented in the event of disruption, total or partial strike of the postal services.
The materials used are indicated in the product description. Amethysshop.com can not be held responsible in the case of an allergy to a component of the jewel purchased, or any other problem caused by use of the article in a different context than the one initially meant .

11. Governing Law

Belgian law applies, to the exclusion of all others, to all offers and contracts. All litigation related to the offers of amethysshop.com, or contracts concluded with the seller, will be submitted to the territorially competent judge, that is to say Tribunal de Première Instance de Liège– Division LIEGE or Justice de Paix du canton de Liège , except where a mandatory legislative provision designates another judge as competent.